Factory Representation

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XCD,LLC is a professional agency. We have a long history of representing premier brands in the technology and construction industries. As agents for these brands our charter is to consistently increase the brand’s market and mind share. We accomplish this by creatively exposing brands to our broad base of organizations and contacts.

Success can only be achieved by fully satisfying those that choose the XCD,LLC brands for specification.

The XCD,LLC Client Experience

Clients choose our brands and corresponding “Business Partners” to build with, manage, and deploy solutions and infrastructure. Our organization has valuable experience with planning, deployment and overall performance.

Our management has experience that allows duplication of this process nationally and globally, increasing efficiency, consistency and enhanced overall performance. Clients then count on our team to deliver ongoing support, and communicate emerging technologies.  Established in 2014, XCD,LLC currently serves the State of Florida and the Caribbean markets as professional, technical, sales, and marketing resource for the Construction and Technology Industry. Prior to our incorporation in 2017 Our leadership was a founder and owner of one of the states most revered agency serving the Electrical, Low Voltage and Construction markets. Our experience exceeds 25 years of hands on experience servicing these markets. This experience is also a foundation for our enhanced professional services and success across multiple markets and industries.